Advanced Learning Technology Research

Metaari principals are well-known competitive intelligence experts in the global learning technology industry. Metaari was founded by the original members of the Advanced Knowledge Engineering team that built the Microsoft Online Learning Institute (MOLI), the world’s first international commercial eLearning business, which launched in 1995.

Sam S. Adkins, CEO and Chief Researcher

Sam S. Adkins is the CEO and Chief Researcher at Metaari. Sam has been providing market research on the learning technology for over twenty-five years and has been involved with electronic training technology for over thirty-five years. 

Sam specializes in advanced learning technology research across several technologies including mobile, augmented reality, virtual reality, psychometrics, cognitive systems, simulation platforms, and game engines.

What Clients Have to Say

"Market numbers are hard to come by. Metaari (formerly Ambient Insight) does the best job I've seen of tracking global numbers and also, major trends."

Sue Bohle, Executive Director, Serious Games Association